parole chiave e immagini che richiamano questioni profonde legate all’esperienza umana

This deck is designed as a repository of stimuli, a toolbox, and can be used in different ways depending on the group's needs and the context. Although it is not necessarily a game, the deck can also be used in playful and fun ways. To date, it has been used in many ways that we can summerise into four main functions.

Tell stories and get to know other people better. After choosing or randomly dealing them, use the cards to tell something about yourself or ask something to other people. Discuss complex issues. Choosing or assigning a specific topic and exploring it critically through group discussion, conducting research and investigation, simulating decision-making processes, and negotiating between different instances and different priorities.

Monitor and evaluate in a participatory manner. Use the cards as keys to observe territorial projects and policies. For example, use the cards to ask how a community is working and what could work better.

Generate new content and narratives. Build new cards, write new texts, and work on new images starting from the cues contained in the deck to bring out new issues, new experiences, new nuances, integrating, transforming, or replicating this collection.

The cards will be soon translated into English and developed in the printed version.

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